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dot NET IQ C# Lite app for iPhone and iPad

4.9 ( 1509 ratings )
Reference Education
Developer: Cygen
Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 06 May 2009
App size: 567.88 Kb

Please note the Lite version is a small sampling or preview of the paid version. It allows you to see how the paid version functions, is organized, and what content looks like.

Upgrade to dotnetIQ paid version and get:

- More categories and topics
- Video demonstrations
- Caching of external links for quicker loading and offline reading
- Regular free updates


dotnetIQ (Microsoft .NET Interview Questions) assist:

- Interviewee: Preparing for interviews
- Interviewer: Questions for giving interviews
- Day-to-day on the job reference
- Overall knowledge enhancement

dotnetIQ is oriented toward .net developers looking to achieve an advanced development position. dotnetIQ covers a broad range of topics, which are expected to be part of any advanced .NET developers toolbox.

Having mastered basic concepts, you are now ready to broaden your knowledge of .NET and ancillary areas that are just as vital. These additional areas include JavaScript, CSS (cascading style sheets), MS SQL Server, and design patterns to start with.

dotnetIQ is laid out in a question/answer format...or more specifically, topic and explanation. Most explanations provide practical examples to help solidify the concepts. Rather than providing short, direct answers to each term, the application expands on the term, covering several related areas. Code examples are provided as needed. The goal is to give enough information so that you know more than the average developer about a particular area and can give a better answer than the person asking the question (i.e. interviewer). Youll also be aware of what to lookup for drilling down further into each topic.

You can study anywhere since an Internet connection is not needed. Although if you have one, lots of specific topic references are available from MSDN, W3C, Wikipedia, and more for further reading. Rotate explanations into landscape view. Includes 35 topics.

When not being used to prepare for interviews, dotnetIQ makes a great overall developer reference.

Topics include:
- Windows Forms (winforms)
- Web (ASP.NET, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript)
- .NET Framework Foundations
- Design Patterns
- Database (MS SQL Server, structuring queries)
- Miscellaneous

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